IMS Network Announcements

In telephony services, providing voice announcements to call parties is standard practice. This feature is essential for mobile operators to ensure that subscribers receive information about incomplete calls or dialing restrictions. It enables customers to understand the reason behind any issues they encounter and facilitates follow-up with customer service for further assistance.

CloudWatch Log Metric Filters

Yesterday, I successfully configured distinct metric filters for specific CloudWatch log groups within our AWS lab environment. After verifying their effectiveness, I realized the need to replicate these filters across both our AWS staging and production environments. ** I understand that AWS CloudWatch offers cross-account capabilities, but let’s assume for a moment that utilizing them isn’t feasible or recommended, as was the case in my situation.

ECXCapture: AWS ECS/EC2 Easy Tcpdump Tool

I’ve recently developed a straightforward yet, in my opinion, a quite handy tool for network troubleshooting. This tool simplifies the process of obtaining tcpdump from your AWS ECS tasks or EC2 instances directly from your desktop, all in one place! While it may not boast the latest buzzwords like LLM and AI that seem to be popping up everywhere these days, it serves a practical purpose for tech enthusiasts who want a quick glance at the tcpdump of their servers with just a few simple steps.

iPhone Live Voicemail

Probably you have updated your iPhone iOS recently to version 17 and the only thing that in the first place you have recognized, it was the phone screen when someone calls you. You can find a Voicemail icon that represents the new Live Voicemail feature.

X2/X3 Lawful Interception Dissector

Caption: Photo courtesy of John Downer Productions Lawful Interception (LI) standard play a crucial role in enabling lawful interception activities by authorized entities for security and intelligence purposes. These protocols allow the interception and monitoring of communication services while adhering to legal requirements.